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About Andy.

Andy recognised the inefficiencies of the traditional consulting model that is lacking an appreciation beyond an isolated advisory mandate.

Andy has built his career upon the bedrock of measurable results, clear-eyed analysis, and sophisticated international expertise. Equal parts left-brained and right-brained, he marries sharp insights with irrefutable financial evidence to deliver finely balanced positions. No matter how complex the business dynamics, Andy evaluates an array of variables to support decisions of strategic importance, with collective progress as the bottom line. His unrivalled accountability raises the benchmark for financial performance, budgetary outlooks, and investor communications.



Andy is driven by relentless expansive enthusiasm. He continually identifies strategic insights that determine consequential business outcomes. His unwavering commitment to improving his knowledge base and expanding his network positions him at the forefront of his field and unlocks and accelerates progress for our clients, partners and the team.


A Chartered Accountant and Chartered Mathematician holding a Certificate in Climate & Clean Energy Project Finance.



He is a globally experienced investment manager with commercial acumen and strategy developed working across financial, legal, and technical advisory and due diligence mandates. Andy’s work has covered project, corporate and asset finance funding across the Big 4 Accountancy firms and an award-winning technical consultancy in projects across Europe, South Africa, and the Middle East.

He maintains a non-Exec CFO role with QTM Energy Engineers and advises local Governments on their infrastructure development. Previous roles have included running two Middle East family offices with AUM of over US$ 400 m.

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