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About Bertie.

Bertie is a project risk management, project capital deployment, and banking executive. He has changed the landscape of what the definition of impact risk management looks like. Through various mandates, he has delivered capital and has fulfilled risk intelligence to the diverse emerging markets in Africa and the GCC.

He has built and mentored versatile teams and is recognized and appreciated by those he has guided in his various Managing Director and CEO positions. By managing multi-billion-dollar loan portfolios, his fervent leadership and relationship-building abilities make him an asset to our change-initiating projects in building a new economy.



During times of change and uncertainty, he has a known ability to provide guidance and structure. Those in his network have described him as a “great leader with noteworthy emotional intelligence”.  Bertie has demonstrated strength in “quickly and clearly articulating challenging issues that require creative but realistic solutions”. With his exceptional vision, drive, and skill in balancing strategy and operational excellence, he delivers on financial results, market share, and stakeholder, customer and employee engagement.


He is currently undergoing a B. Comm Honors in Development Economics from the University of South Africa with majors in Advanced Macroeconomics, Advanced Microeconomics and Advanced Econometrics. As a foundation, he holds Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) and B. Agricultural Economics degrees.



He has previously held senior positions with the National Bank of Fujairah, the Commercial Bank in Qatar, Al Rajhi Capital and Al Rajhi Bank in Saudi Arabia, Standard Bank Group and Barclays, Standard Bank, and Citi in South Africa.

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