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Our Journey

We started by asking why clean energy was not being delivered faster. 

Our team researched the sequence of events in capital flows and focused on the critical path to delivery. We recognised that there was an imbalance in the pre-delivery process and identified a significant opportunity in servicing a neglected market.

The more we discovered, the more we found the role that clean energy can play in impacting the lives of many and adding value to society.


We are new capital design thinking.

Our free platform accelerates project initiators to achieve Institutional-grade Project Due Diligence. We answer the call from capital allocators with investable clean energy projects to meet their SDG commitments, without sacrificing above average investor returns.

We are the best volatility risk mitigator in any balanced portfolio capital allocation.

office coworkers that represent Diligised team
Sunset Skies
the example of one of the smiles we're empowering through the projects we facilitate implementing


Why FREE is so important

Smaller project initiators simply cannot afford the cost of due diligence. It's step one, and a requirement in any clean energy initiative. By making it FREE to participate we stimulate a mass market economy in a new era of design thinking, where adjacent opportunities are aligned to project preparation and blended finance.


775 million people have no access to energy and the number is increasing. 

In over 100 projects reviewed in Africa, the average project size is US$ 35 million (35 MW) with the majority of projects by volume being less than US$ 20 million (20 MW).

The current average time, for due diligence and project initiation, is 2.5 years. 


By listening to our partners and customers we find growth opportunities.

We continuously refine our skills and acquire new ones, by enhancing our abilities through daily interactions with a diverse range of people. The art of listening is the most valuable contribution to any conversation.


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