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About Jay.

Dr. Jay van Zyl is an innovator and entrepreneur in the world of intelligent technology innovation. His research focuses on finding intelligent and predictive ways to engage in real-time with humans over digital touchpoints. ecosystem.Ai specializes in the application of artificial intelligence and computational social science to solve human behavioral prediction challenges. He has been working at the cusp of innovative technology and predictive models delivered as a no-code platform and the ecogenetic real-time behavioral prediction engine.

Jay is interested in mega-waves of change and how humans transform themselves through cycles of innovation and intelligence. He spent the early part of his career caring about the “how” of innovation, leading up to the completion of his PhD in 2001. The influence of digital and technological inventions on the human, lifted Jay's focus to the why humans innovate and how they integrate with their environment. Now his focus is to build prediction models that can be deployed into real-time systems including continuous machine learning.



Analyze and predict how human and business ecosystems behave during times of change. Our intelligent and predictive approach uses the ecosystem.AI Engine to extract hidden value from complex behavioral data sources. We then enable our clients to create interventions where decisions can be made about market positioning, product and service portfolios, customer segments, and a number of key behavioral areas. The ecosystem.AI Platform contains a number of prediction engines that can assist with deploying operational and customer focused real-time predictions.


His book, Built to Thrive, making your mark in a connected world, was published in 2011, and focuses on the social aspects of innovation. His other book, The “Process Innovation Imperative,” focuses on innovation in product companies and was originally published in 2003. Jay also works with the Innovation for Jobs community in Silicon Valley as the lead analytics partner.



This is the era of differentiation, and innovation through specialization. Differentiation, in this hyper-competitive environment can only be achieved through having mechanisms to innovate better processes and products.

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