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About Tom.

Dr. Tom Ludescher is an experienced CEO and board member of regulated financial services companies. He holds a Ph.D. in financial market regulations and has been working in the intersection of finance, insurance, and technology for over 25 years, helping businesses to grow by making them bankable and insurable. 



Tom is passionate about tech with purpose and has in-depth expertise in innovation, digital transformation, and tech entrepreneurship. His Ph.D. and profound background in financial market regulations add to his profile as a builder and enabler, making tech start-ups fit for working with regulated partners and investors.


Tom’s pro-bono activities include serving as the Chairman of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Singapore, Vice President of the European Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, Ambassador ASEAN of the International Insurance Society, and Co-Chair of the stars Stein am Rhein symposium Singapore alumni chapter, adding to his strong network to MNCs in Singapore, Europe, and the APAC region.



For the past 15 years, Tom has been an active angel investor and adviser in tech start-up companies with a focus on sustainability and financial inclusion, including ESG, insurtech, fintech, and novel food technologies. With this first-hand experience as a tech investor and co-founder, Tom gained a deep understanding of both sides of a successful tech start-up partnership. He knows the needs and challenges of successfully building a tech business, particularly in highly regulated industries such as financing, insurance, or food manufacturing. 

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