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We are a young business and understand that our gender balance does not exist. We feel that by recognising this challenge is the is the first step in the right direction and it is an ongoing PRIORITY to reach parity, across all structures, within 4 years.



Diligised is committed to fulfil our responsibility to respect and uphold human rights. We strive to protect the dignity of all people working in or impacted by our operation, our PARTNERS or live in the communities where we work.

All employees of Diligised shall be given equal opportunities for employment and professional development, regardless of their gender, ethnic and cultural background, religion, AGE, sexual orientation, functional ability, and political view.

Our employees shall expect a healthy workplace free from harassment and discrimination.

With UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework – we commit ourselves to be a fair employer promoting gender equality across our business. we aim to inspire leaders and employers in the global society by being transparent and share how we work with a sustainable development of the organization.

We recognize that gender equality is about empowerment - a necessary foundation for peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. 


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the standards for gender equality at Diligised is made available and known by leaders, employees and key stakeholders, to ensure they are aligned with our corporate objectives. This Gender Equality Policy aims to guide our work towards gender balance, across our organization.


All leaders and employees at Diligised are responsible for leading by example and actively encouraging gender equality and gender balance in accordance with this policy.

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