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About Marcelo.

Dr. Marcelo has earned worldwide recognition as an expeditionary, businessman and environmentalist. During his expeditions, Marcelo discovered situations of extreme poverty and deforestation in regions of the highest biological diversity.

He then decided to help bridge the gap between economic development and social/environmental wellness, harnessing financial and corporate know-how to the task of creating sustainable solutions for the development of humankind's life quality.


Marcelo, as he prefers to be called, brings philanthropic excellence to us. He is involved in our evolution and is active with our team. He has the ability to open doors and provide accelerated access to people and opportunities, that would take us years to achieve.


Marcelo also holds the position of Chairman / Founder of ProNatura International and is a Partner at Earth Capital Holdings and President of Earth Capital Brazil. He is the humble recipient of the Mitchel Prize and UN Earth Day International Award and is a regular speaker on the International Sustainability stage.



In 1985, he founded a non-profit sustainable development agency named ProNatura International as a contribution to solving these challenges, attacking its direct cause: the world's outdated model of economic development. Marcelo has won numerous awards worldwide for his efforts. In his business life, Marcelo co-founded Terra Capital in 1994, the first Venture Capital Fund dedicated to investing exclusively in private-sector biodiversity businesses. In 2007, he co-founded Earth Capital in the UK, becoming the largest global private equity management group exclusively dedicated to sustainable investments. He has also been involved with Axial Bank, Eco Carbon, Ecoinvest and Social Capital Group.


Marcelo graduated from the Gama Filo University Medical School as a Doctor of Medicine and has been a member of the Brazilian Rowing Olympic Team, in two Olympic Games.

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