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About Peter.

Peter recognized early in his career that the speed of engagement and changing the way we interact with one another will be in a continual cycle of evolution.

Peter is passionate about the correlated sequence of events and the cost-to-scale technology approach. His deep understanding of capital markets and compliance commitments to automation align him to fit-for-purpose digital transformation and capital optimization in the development of reusable and structured data. He is instrumental in developing the 3 Value Principle* which enables us to take a linear management approach in our quest to become the ‘best place to work’.



Peter bridges any gap that may occur between the projects and technology teams and accelerates team design thinking of our new business model. He then translates this into fit-for-purpose technology architecture for the technology team to implement while improving the user experience and shortening the time to engagement through a rich flow of reusable and structured data.  


Peter has a B. Comm but went on to study and apply futures and options trading, as a ‘tiny’ shareholder of a leading brokerage in London. He was instrumental in providing an exit to a major growth acquisition vehicle. He has held a Principal Responsible Officer position from the Hong Kong SFC and separately led a team in winning into the prestigious DBS Accelerator Programme for FinTech Innovation.



Peter has founded two FinTech and one RegTech start-up in the ultra-competitive world of Hong Kong. He delivered the first online trading platform (seven equity markets, 55 000 mutual funds in seven currencies), One Axcess, was widely recognized as the first FinTech challenger. He went on to deliver a highly automated fund administration platform and founded a fully automated Digital Client Onboarding Platform where the self-build utility changed KYC/AML engagement landscape in the RegTech sector. He started his career in commodities trading in the Middle East and marketed three Hedge Funds before the GFC in 2008.

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