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About Stephen.

Stephen is a purpose-driven IT practitioner who is focused on creating business value through technology. He has a unique ability to align IT strategy and policy with business goals, standards, best practices, and regulations while leveraging the latest technology. 


Stephen lays the foundation for successful service delivery by focusing on the 3 P's: Product, Process, and People. He has a deep understanding of how technology can automate business processes, making it easier for external parties to use. This is a rare skill in the market today. 


Stephen believes that the automation of processes and the use of other operational tools can develop a mindset in people that enables them to work with the business proposition and utilize that mindset to develop better scalable solutions. His expertise in technology and people management is an asset to any company seeking to drive successful outcomes through digital transformation. 



Stephen's considerable experience in creating and managing business-focused technology teams in multicultural environments makes him an asset to any company seeking to drive successful outcomes through digital transformation. He is a strong mentor and coach and has a focus on IT Service Management (ITSM) and generating value through the use of IT. 


Stephen believes in building technology that does not waste investor capital. He has a deep understanding of how to create efficient and effective technology solutions that deliver real business value. His expertise in ITSM and value generation enables him to guide companies through the complex challenges of digital transformation while ensuring that they deliver measurable results and maximize the use of investor capital. 


Stephen's expertise in Information Technology is backed up by his extensive certification in the field. He holds a multitude of certificates, including ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), Project Management, Network Analyst, and AWS Solutions Architect. These certifications demonstrate his deep knowledge and understanding of various aspects of IT, including IT service management, project management, network infrastructure, and cloud computing. 



Steve has worked and led the technology departments in the Oil and Gas industry spanning engagements in his native Canada with long stints in Yemen and Chad. More recently he has held senior IT positions in transportation with aviation and shipping being a focus. He is well acquainted with Peter having developed a RegTech solution together where Information security played a major role.  

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